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By understanding our personal programming we can transform our life to one that we desire.
By Richard higgins

Richard Higgins has been investigating Sacred Geometry, Numerology and many other modalities related to personal growth since the late1970s. These have included personal experiences with the teachings of Ramtha; The Flower of Life; The Sacred Merkaba; the Conversations With God material, Family Constellations and studies in various Shamanic traditions. By returning to the basics of Numerology, Creation Theory and Sacred Geometry he has developed a new method which he calls Transpersonal Numerology. Based on a person’s date of birth, it is simpler to learn and apply than many other methods and is remarkably accurate and insightful. Richard is offering comprehensive one day workshops to teach this expanded new system.


As the original vibration, a ONE sees all the other numbers as having come afterwards, and therefore leans naturally towards taking control and being the leader.

A positive ONE can be a creative and focused pioneer, often preferring to work alone, but with executive abilities and a preference for having his own business or vision. He can be courageous, and will prefer to learn through his own experiences. He usually likes to be the centre of attention, to be listened to or even admired, and to have things his own way.

As a mental energy he is a deep thinker and will look for logical solutions. He may therefore have difficulty with his emotional side, getting upset easily and even losing his temper – especially when he believes he is not in control, or his plans have been thwarted. He can be an intolerant listener, who is usually reluctant to take advice from others, and dislikes any form of criticism.

A ONE will hate being restrained or restricted, and therefore may butt heads with authority figures. He enjoys starting new projects, and it can be a challenge to finish them all, and when he runs out of steam, he can become lethargic and depressed.


The vibration of TWO is associated with the Creator Goddess and the Divine Feminine, and is therefore intrinsically aligned with partnership, balance and caring for others.

As an emotional energy a TWO’s actions and responses are governed primarily by their feelings. This is activated in the intelligence of the heart, and is no less valid than the mental process – despite what the world at large believes. This capacity for accessing genuine feelings makes a TWO the archetype of a loving partner and parent. A well integrated TWO is a good homemaker; a strong support to their partner; and a caring and nurturing parent.

Operating from the negative side of this energy will make a TWO overly devoted to those whom she loves; potentially smothering as a parent; and even co-dependent in partnership. As the vibration of the Partner, a TWO usually hates being alone for very long, and this can give her the tendency to move into new relationships too quickly or “on the rebound”.

Although the TWO vibration resonates with “win-win” – as well as the giving, and nurturing of life – she can display a remarkable ferocity when those whom she loves are threatened.


THREE was created in the fires of passion and represents Original Doing. With the warm influence of its Fire energy the THREE is capable of exuding great charm and charisma and can be delightful when connected with his optimism, enthusiasm and passion.

When well motivated a THREE has the potential to be highly productive and creatively expressive. Few people can match his level of competency and drive when a THREE resolves get something done. If you want a project to be proficiently executed, then call in a THREE – for him nothing is more fulfilling than a job well done.

A THREE creates success through his own tenacity, drive and sheer hard work – no free lunches for him! The inherent creativity in this energy gives a THREE the potential to entertain, motivate and inspire others, whether through his words, his performance skills or his sheer dedication.

As powerful as this energy is on the positive side, so too is it on the other side of the coin. THREE needs to guard against his tendency to become dogmatic and insistent on having things done his way and often subscribes to the saying: “It’s my way or the highway!”



Like all even numbers the FOUR is associated with balance, and its main focus is honesty, integrity and reliability. The FOUR is one of the most complex vibrations and she will sometimes feel like she is two people in one body.

On one end of the spectrum, the FOUR has a deep need for structure, stability and security in her life. She is potentially a practical, dedicated, hard worker who is able to embrace routine, and can be a valuable asset to any company. Her innate organizational skills and insistence upon accuracy gives her the aptitude for being reliable, systematic, responsible and even mature beyond her years.

When functioning from the negative side of her energy a FOUR may become overly rigid and pedantic in the way she functions, and will resist embracing change or new adventures. This exposes the potentially dull, humourless side of her nature which can even become somewhat stern and sceptical.

The enigma of the FOUR is that she is also theatrical and has a flare for the dramatic, as evidenced by the large number of exceptional actors and performers who share this vibration. Her inherent need to feel special can draw on this aspect of the FOUR vibration and allow her to exhibit her imaginative, unconventional pizzazz.


At its best the FIVE is an extroverted and witty communicator, with the potential to be a great salesperson. He is normally quite courteous, with a unique magnetism, and others usually find him to be interesting, knowledgeable and quite stimulating. The FIVE is naturally curious, adaptable and forward thinking, and therefore dislikes any type of confinement and complacency. A prison cell will probably be his worst nightmare!

When functioning from the negative side of his energy the FIVE comes across as opinionated and arrogant, as well as argumentative or even overly-critical. As a non-conformist, with the need to disturb conditions which appear stagnant and immovable, the FIVE is the original rebel. He is a mental pragmatist, and will resist exposing his sensitive side or displaying his emotions, often disguising them with wisecracks and sarcasm.

As a freedom lover the FIVE becomes stressed when he is too restricted, so it is important for him to stay physically and mentally stimulated. He can do this by partaking in a sport or activity that lets him feel the wind in his hair; reading books; studying; or watching informative television programmes. Travel also brings in the opportunity for movement, with new experiences and learning opportunities, so FIVEs usually always have a suitcase handy.


Partnership, marriage and domestic happiness all take on great significance for the SIX vibration, while the passionate and caring temperament of the SIX makes her a valued friend or partner. She can turn on the charm, and others usually experience her as warm and friendly, while her sympathetic nature gives her an innate skill for counselling.

For the SIX her home is a natural extension of her social personality, and it is vital for her to make it comfortable, attractive, warm and cosy. This may also extend outside, developing into an interest in gardening, which is an excellent pastime for a SIX. It is imperative for her to have harmony and serenity in her environment, as she dislikes conflict and quarrelling.

The amorous SIX usually has an idealised image of romance, so it can be quite hurtful for her when reality shows up. When she distorts her romantic tendencies she may become very self-absorbed and long-suffering. As a SIX evolves from her more romantic and family-orientated expression, she may well develop an interest in being of service to the broader community. Her caring nature can be put to good use helping the underprivileged, caring for children or tending to animals, as she has a true humanitarian energy within her.


The SEVEN energy has an alluring attractiveness that draws people towards him but which can often be at odds with his need for privacy and introspection. A SEVEN is an intense vibration, which relishes exploring the deeper levels of anything in which he is interested, and gives him the potential to become an expert in his chosen field. No other vibration has the ability to concentrate on a project with the level of focus so often exhibited by a SEVEN and – as a deep-thinker and a creative idealist – he often prefers to work alone.

A SEVEN is naturally intuitive and connected to a Higher Source which gives him access to insights and wisdom that sets him apart from the average person. When he trusts this connection and follows his inner instinct, he is capable of creating something genuinely distinctive. The SEVEN also has a natural connection to the artistic vibration which gives him an appreciation of the aesthetically beautiful, whether in nature or man made.

Although he is sensitive and his emotions run deep, a SEVEN is very reluctant to expose himself or to appear vulnerable. To others this can sometimes make him seem cold, arrogant and unapproachable.


The EIGHT represents finality and dependability, and this vibration has a hunger to experience all that the world has to offer. She is a very powerful personality who will have a life-long fascination with creating personal success and financial security. The EIGHT has a natural ability to take charge and has an inherent dedication to work, which makes her able to achieve positions of power.

The extreme version of the EIGHT has the potential to become obsessive, and this can be particularly destructive or even fatal when it involves the use of drugs and alcohol. She needs to be mindful of achieving a healthy balance in all that she does, and to stay connected to the discipline of which she is so capable.

For an EIGHT career can often be more important than home life. Although she strives to be an excellent provider to those for whom she is responsible, she may need to become more demonstrative in showing love and appreciation for those closest to her. At times she can be very immovable in her attitudes, so she needs to be vigilant as to when it is appropriate, and when a more flexible approach might reveal other options and opportunities.


The NINE often seems paradoxical to others because it resonates to a creative world of imagination and fantasy, where there is always something new to explore. It has a childlike love of life which makes it attractive to other people and can also have it looking and acting much younger than its age.

The NINE’s biggest challenge is making decisions and finding a focus in life, as there are so many things that interest it. It is ideal to have a career which offers a NINE the opportunity for great variety, as a rigid schedule and repetitive tasks are not for this vibration. A natural psychic ability enables the NINE to pierce into the heart of any situation and makes it intuitively wise – when it trusts.

People like being in the company of a NINE because it has a naturally healing vibration. But NINEs have to be careful that this does not drain them, particularly if they are in places where there are a lot of other people. It is a challenge for a NINE to attend to financial matters and administrative tasks, and they have to learn to pay attention to detail and to deal with the practical aspects of their lives.


Transpersonal Numerology – Level 1: Personality Profiles

The aim of this one day workshop is to enable delegates to develop the skill to do an in-depth analysis of anyone’s Personality, as well as gain insight in how to bring the outer Personality into alignment with the Soul’s Purpose.

The system is extremely useful as a “know thyself” tool, making it highly valuable in understanding your role in relationships, and for identifying career choices. On this workshop delegates learn the basic Sacred Geometry and Creation Theory behind numbers; the attributes contained within the vibrations of each number; the simple calculation of a Transpersonal Numerology Chart; as well as the in-depth analysis and interpretation of any Personal Chart.


Transpersonal Numerology – Level 2: Relationship Profiles

This second level one day workshop is designed to give delegates in-depth insight into Personal and Business Relationships. On the workshop you will learn how to combine and analyse two or more charts; see the rewards and challenges built into any relationship; as well as the Soul and Karmic links between individuals. TN Level 1 is a pre-requisite for attending this workshop.


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  1. Kami says:

    Most accurate to date and I have been learning numerology for 17 years. I like the way it is presented, to the piont and undisputable.

  2. Numerology is the universal language of numbers, and each of us was born with a set of numbers unique to us. These numbers unlock the door to the depths of our personality and reveal the way we interact with others, lessons we've yet to learn, opportunities we'll be given and challenges we'll face at specific periods of our lives – or throughout life as a whole. Get free numerology guide to a happy life here >>

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