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Desperate non believer’s business increased
After putting in the crystal energy field and you talking to us, I thought to myself “yea right this is really going to happen” knowing where I was at the time in my way of thinking. Well everything you said did come true, our Insurance Assessor business has nearly trebled. I now believe that we truly create our reality and watch my thoughts and actions all the time. Zelia – SA

Now have happy energy and feel lighter than before
Dear Paul,
I just received my first newsletter from you. Thank you very much! I received my Oneness manifestation pendant one week ago today and am very happy with it. When I first held it in my hands, while looking at the Star of David, I immediately felt a beautiful energy, smooth and gentle, rather like something I have felt in the presence of what are known as “great beings”–those who have already realized the Oneness and live fully in that awareness.

It made me very happy to sit with that energy. For a few days, I felt the energy very strongly, and also felt very tired. I felt as if all that I needed to do was accumulating, so much so that it felt overwhelming, and yet I felt unmotivated to take action.

I felt too tired and lethargic. I felt as if I needed to rest and be still. I did only minimal activity, continued to wear the locket, and to open it and hold it while looking at the Star of David whenever I could. Sometimes I had physical sensations of the energy that were not always comfortable. Sometimes the sensations were intense. After a couple of days, I had the sensation of much clearing away in my consciousness. Then, a few days later, I awoke and it was if the air had cleared.

I now have happy energy again and feel lighter than before, as if I have moved to a new level. I will continue to see what unfolds. – Pamela, United States

Increased communication with “More Aware-Self
Good day to you Paul and Amanda,
Firstly I would like to comment on what has happened since I purchased one of your pendants. I have been blessed with the opportunity to once again be able to work after having lost my business due to an operation and extended radiation and chemotherapy. I did not expect to be re-employed at my age of 52. The future looks a lot better now than what it did before I bought the pendant. I have also experienced some amazing spiritual incidents and seem to be able to communicate on a higher level. – Thank you and regards Andreas Hinrichsen.

Healing Powers Like never Before
Earlier today i was called and asked to perform a healing. A friend of mine have had an infection in the mouth for some time, with acing pain, and swolleness. He was unable to speak and laugh, as this caused him pain.

Also prescribed painkillers and antibiotica. And because of his fear of dentists, he has been scheduled for an operation under narcosis. So i went – and felt the old doubt about being a healer, but simply noticed it, and paid it no further attention.

When the healing session started, i simply called for the Light, and asked to be used as a channel for my higher self / oneness to do the healing. When i thought i was done, i stopped. He was already without pain, and could smile and laugh without pain.

And just before the session he was ready for another round of painkillers. He just called me again to tell me the swollennes is almost completely gone, as is the pain, and he is ready to go to bed without painkillers. He thanked me so much, and i thanked him for sharing.

This is great! Something is really happening to me! I was first unsure, but it is dawning on me that i finally got the real deal. I am sure this is linked to what is happening with the pendant and all. Have you heard of similar events? 

Married My True Love
Since I have worn the pendant I have married the man that I have loved for a very long time, but was forbidden to marry him 16 years ago because of family and religious beliefs. Since then my life has change dramatically for the better. Soretha – SA 

Meeting my guardian Angel after wearing the Oneness Pendant
As you are aware I have been wishing to make contact with my guardian angel. The first experience was, whilst I was sleeping, and I became consciously aware of a touch or pressure on the back of my neck, and feeling as if somebody was trying to turn my head. At the same time, there was a distinct increase of light even with my eyes shut. I awoke, but did not see anything in the darkness of my bedroom. Then last night, I became aware whilst sleeping of an intense vibration/energy that was flooding my entire body. My body felt quite energized but still relaxed after this experience. There was also an increase of light again, even with my eyes closed. These two incidents were different from any dream I would normally expect. I would say that both of these incidents occurred after I had made my intentions clear that I wanted to make contact with a greater realm. Hope you are both well. Warm Wishes. Pete UK

My business was in trouble
Since you done the crystal energy field and directed the Oneness energy to it, the turn around in business has been so much within one year, that I have had to extend and built onto my current factory and had to purchased new ovens to cope with the new catering business that is coming in. Megan – SA

I Feel Protected
I am happy to say that last year I made some truly beautiful changes. I am in a far better and successful space in all respects now and absolutely love going home to my space. The crystal energy field really makes me feel so protected and comforted. I would like to come and see you to get the pendant as well – Marcelle – SA.

Doctors Amazed
Thank you Paul – over the past year I have bought three pendants, one for each of my two daughters and one for myself. My cancer is gone and the doctors cannot believe it. When I spoke to Amanda she was going to put me on the healing list, well – there is no more need for this, although I am not taking anything for granted and I am much more positive. My daughter, who is intellectually challenged due to encephalitis as a 10-month old and now 38, was appointed by our body corporate to the grand position of supervisor of the block. And the other daughter, who is married, started selling the plates she had decoupaged and has made some money! Thank you so very much. Rosalie – SA

Confidence Builder
The field has helped me with my confidence because of my weight problem. Because I have over come this, I am now more confident in my job and life. I also do socialize more now. My life is slowly but surely turning around. Lee – SA

Dreams Changing
I began wearing the Oneness Pendant and had unusual dreams of people I never got along with, where in the dreams; we were all having good times, instead of bad. Is this the energy working?? Just these few days of wearing the Pendant, I am enjoying a calm coming over me; this is wonderful, thank you. Angel – USA

Back Problem solved
My chiropractor was so IMPRESSED with my back since I wore the pendant so I gave him the web address; he is going to have a look. I have also had abdominal pain for 30 years, but since wearing the pendant, it has stopped. I can’t remember the last time my abdomin felt so relaxed, and ‘nice’, for the want of a better word. If I feel this good in 2 weeks, I can’t wait till the end of 6 months! Jacqueline – Australia

Staff turn around
My marketing business has changed considerably since I met you. You were so right, a lot of staff changes, where some negative staff members left the company without a fight and more positive staff coming into their space, and then of course, the new business coming in. I am so impressed. Thank you for all you have done. Karin – SA

General improvement in health of the entire family
It’s been almost two years since you placed the crystal energy field round our place down near Sedgefield. Recently we had cause to go to the doctor, it was then I realized how much the field has indeed helped our family, as Jon, our GP mentioned to his wife, that he must have “peeved the Linders off, somehow,” as we have changed from bi-weekly visits to bi-annual, not bad at all! and I am not peeved with him, as it cost me much less money. My eldest daughter has not only been healthy, but is also doing very well at school and her sports events; in fact, she manages to do most of the things she tries, with ease and style. Today, I was thinking that I have been taking the benefits too much for granted, so I did a quick ‘Thanks’, and also to you, I add a big, big thank you! Ross – SA

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