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” To dream is to start a new adventure, to love it, is to fuel that dream with emotion and intention, to live it, is to experience the dream at its highest potential”.

“To maintain Oneness within a particular reality does not come from conformity and similarity, it comes from the validation that all diverse creations of that reality exist, therefore, have the right to exist and every soul has the right to explore any diversity of creation of that reality.”

“What you perceive as your life or life situations are all just stories, stories that you can buy into or not. What you buy into as a story is where your attention is and where your attention is, will become more life stories that are similar to the original stories”.

“The moment you stop wanting and needing things, will be the moment you have everything and that moment of everything will expand into more of everything in every moment. This is because there is only the moment and each moment creates and energizes the next moment, on and on expanding and amplifying each moment”.

“You are powerful, beautiful, extraordinary and successful at the core of your being and if your physical mind tells you anything different, tell it to SHUT UP”.

“The secret of manifestation is not to try to manifest anything. It is to synchronize the vibration of your soul consciousness to the same frequency range of the life experience that you wish to experience. Therefore, you as a soul will tune into and perceive your preferred life experience from ‘all that is’ Oneness”.

“At all times you are always 100% supported by Oneness (the universe). Sometimes it does not seem like this is true, but it is what you put out at a soul level you will receive back and experience. It may be that due to your hectic life that you are not aware of what is going on at your soul level. If so, take a moment or two and pause, become aware of your emotions and reactions to your life circumstances and respond to the circumstances in a more positive and peaceful manner” thus transform the state of being of your soul and its experiences to the ones that you prefer”.

“There is no such thing as expensive, as everything is relevant to your income. Therefore, when you see or say something is expensive, you lock yourself into that relative income, of not enough”.

“Until we totally look at our shadow side, embrace it and do something about it, we will never raise our vibration back to Oneness.

Awareness – Ownership – Let go.

Become aware of your response to any given circumstance, take full responsibility and own that the circumstance, as it is created from within you, then LET IT GO ”.

“Until you feel that you are wealthy now, you will never experience wealth and that goes for love, peace and happiness. In fact, that goes  for everything that you desire to experience. So right now, at this moment in time feel, happy, healthy and enormously wealthy”.

“There is power in silence, silence is the space that creates words and space contains all the power that manifests your reality. Therefore, when you are silent, you are connected to your unlimited power to manifest all that you prefer”.

“Who you are is beyond mind; you are infinite consciousness, awareness of possibilities experiencing  your current reality. Your body is the vehicle and your mind is the tool.  You are not the feelings and thoughts themselves, you are the awareness of what you think and feel”.

“What you resist will persist, what you perceive you will receive, as this is the nature of ‘all that is”.

“Never blame anyone in your life, good people give you happiness, bad people give you experience, worst people give you a lesson and best people give you memories”.

“Whether you create a positive or negative experience in your life, know that both are perfect creations and both took the same amount of your energy and focus to create them. If you prefer not to experience negative experiences anymore, then all you have to do is, shift your focus and put your energy into positive experiences.”

 “All physical, mental and emotional pain is created by the resistance to one’s life experiences. Therefore, when you let the resistance go to the life experiences, the pain will follow, thus leaving you in a state of well-being”.

“Appreciation is Creation”

Words of appreciation that are thought, said and written down have power. However, if the words of appreciation do not have an authentic feeling of appreciation behind them, then the words of appreciation are powerless, they are just words. It is the combination of the authentic feeling of appreciation and the thought, said and written down words that give the word’s there creative power, and that goes for any words that are thought, said and written down.

“When you let love into your life, fear leave’s you”.

Fear is the only obstacle that you have to overcome to obtain all that you desire in your life. Fear is a ‘False Emotion Appearing Real’ and once you master the letting go of fear, you will attain all that you desire in your life.

“Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything and you will be at your happiest”.

Every time someone hurts you or you see someone or yourself doing something that does not live up to the standard of what you believe to be right or feel it is not good enough.

Say to yourself.

“Forgive them as they do not know who they are”


“Forgive me as I have forgotten who I am”.

“Forgiveness is to open your heart and let go all your pain without conditions, as without forgiveness you will you bind yourself to a life of pain and suffering. None forgiveness is the self-righteous ego claiming that it is holier than thou”.

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  1. julie olivia irene robinowitz french says:

    Since I was a child i have been very much in touch with the oneness and connection of it all of us all. I am very in touch with my belief that we are here to learn the lessons we have not previously learned and that the closer we get to the god head or christ conciousness, the closer we get to being allowed to merge once again into our nirvana or god way or path. Not just one God but us all as a higher being. I believe that once one realizes that death is a rumor and not a good one either, we never end, life is.. this is just a test of the emergency life lesson system, if you proceed to the nearest viewing of your past life and are watching it like a movie almost but feeling unconditional love and acceptance so that it is safe to admitt mistakes and learn from that lifetime. Then we are up once again striving for the unconditional christ conciousness head being and then we WRITE OUR NEW LIVES by choosing which lessons we have left and give a general guideling with specific souls to travel this journey with. THerefore explaining dejavu, if you feel that we have been here before feeling it is a reminder that yes we are responsible for our actions, we created them through no accident, there are no accidents, we can only take everything that we get its only a matter of how we deal with what is being played out or reinacted if you will. I know there is life after this so called death, and death is but a energy shift and is less physically painful than living. I am so grateful that i am aware of these facts because i possess very little fear and have the confidence to be true to my self and be present at most times, if not all which of course is ideal. I remember when i was drinking i was not at all even in my body. I had terrible anxiety attacks and i now believe it was because my spirit was trapped in the in/ out process of jumping out or into my shell. Thats what it feels like to me anyways. I just wanted to be heard for the sake of understanding and love and unconditional way of life. I love you all and will see you soon.

  2. I really, really LIKE it; because I challenged myself to "see" deeper into it: and:
    it mirrored up some things I needed to realise. Thank you Universe.

  3. Just the message I needed this morning, for I am in a very dark place at the moment. Will try to apply this advice. Thanx for the message.

  4. Paul Birnie says:

    I am glad it helped. Darkness is only around you, to give you the opportunity to shine your light.
    Don't be so hard on yourself, shift your focus away from what you do not have and onto what you prefer.

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