Awakening to Oneness


The Awakening to Oneness Process

The question I am always asked is, “What am I going to experience when I awaken to Oneness whilst wearing the Oneness pendant?”

Everyone’s experience is totally different, as everyone is unique in their own way. Some people have a lot of issues and some don’t. Therefore, what you are going to experience will depend on what your state of being is when you purchased the Oneness pendant.

The list below is a list of what you may experience when you go through your transformation that is not to say that you will go through all the experiences on the list. Therefore, it is important that you do not focus on the list, as what you focus on will become your reality. Just allow your own experience to unfold and go with it.

1. You will feel a sudden feeling of peace – A state of calmness and peace, a feeling of joy and connection to everything.

2. Animal attraction – Animals come to you all the time and cuddle up to you, they are unusually over friendly and feel safe with you, especially cats, as they will become aware and see something around you, and they will look above your head and try to communicate with you by crying out.

3. A sudden urge to go into nature – Out of the blue you want to go on holiday to the coast or out into nature.

4. Feeling energised, you need to do something physical, like sport, party, dancing, run and any other physical activity.

5. Cleaning out the house – This is the number one occurrence. People have the uncontrollable urge to clean, fix, renovate and throw out all the junk in their house. They feel they need to do it over and over again. This is a physical manifestation of a transforming energetic state.

6. Vivid dreams – Depending on the dream. If you have nightmares, you are normally processing out old conditioning programming, un-serving beliefs or sorting out old issues. Throwing up or vomiting is also a great symbolism of releasing the old and opening up to the new. If you have consecutive dreams that are positive, happy, exciting, fun, loving and dreaming people you care for, you are transforming and will soon manifest self-serving situations. To dream in a spiritual nature, like angels, other dimensions, guides, places of warmth or spiritual symbols, then you are normally connected to Oneness and receiving beneficial information.

7. Physically unsettled and ungrounded – When this happens you are powerfully connected to Oneness and receiving a lot of energy into your soul and body.  Dramatic changes are happening in your energetic field. You can remove the pendant for a short while until you feel better, or a better solution is to find a quiet place and gather your thoughts with deep breathing, then imagine roots growing out of your feet and into the ground where they are resting upon.

8. Strange sleeping routine – You would probably wake up between 2 a.m. Observe and write down your thoughts as you are processing a lot of information that can be useful in the future.

9. Feeling different and disconnected with family and friends – As your energetic body changes, your perceptions of the world will change, thus your physical mirror will follow suit and also change. Old friends might move out of your space and some might come back in. Rest assured that the people coming in and going out of your space will be a reflection of what is happening in your state of being, and this will be very beneficial to your awakening and transformation process. The family will start seeing you in a different light, be patient with them as you chose to be with them – “time will sort this out.”

10. Unexpected changes in professions, jobs or careers – This is very common, changes and opportunities seem to come in all different ways. Do not be alarmed as you will be guided to the right career or job opportunity that will suit the new transformed you. Doors will also start opening to new experiences and directions.

11. Aches and pains all over the body – As the Oneness energy expands through the DNA, chakras and meridians of the body, it releases blockages, which can be quite uncomfortable. This feels similar to a very deep tissue massage. Symptoms can be pains or aches throughout the body, mainly in the neck, back and shoulder region, headaches can also occur.

12. Emotions of sadness or grieving for no reason – This is when you have activated a very powerful negative feeling frequency that has been hidden deep within your soul. occurs it is highly recommended that you perform the transform feeling processes to let go of the negative feeling frequencies that are creating the deep emotional state.

13. Crying without any reason – Crying is a great sign that you have come to terms with something and finally letting go of long held negative emotions. If you feel like crying it’s best to let the emotion of crying happen, do not block this, as this is releasing the old energy, in order for the new energy to start emerging from you. Don’t forget to do the transform feeling processes when this occurs.

14. More than usual inner self talk – We have always done this, it just seems to become more intense and increased. You are not going out of your mind, it is you having a conversation with your higher mind, a higher Oneness aspect of you.

The more you become awakened, the more intense and sometimes outrageous and unbelievable conversations will take place. You will first say that’s not true, how can it be, but trust me it will be confirmed to you within a short period of time, either through a book, conversation, Internet or a weird experience, etc. Keep an open mind, observe things around you, listen and apply!

15. Lacking passion and enthusiasm – Maybe it’s just a moment for time-out, sit back and do absolutely nothing. It is fine to do this, as it is part of the process. This happens because it actually helps you to get used to the idea that sometimes it is necessary to do nothing, and being able to make peace with it. It is normal that you need to rest and recharge. Just go with it!

However, if you are in this state of being for a long period of time then it is not part of the process. It is rather a state of being that you have become stuck in, and purging will be required.

16. Feeling secluded – When in a crowd you feel lonely- you don’t want to talk to anyone. You find that the conversations and your viewpoint of the world does not resonate with the people and surroundings   anymore, you feel disconnected. I call this entering the void (in between transformation).

When we enter the void, our beliefs have changed so much that, who we are now, is no longer who we were. As we transform so does our outer reality transform. At this point old friends, places and situations fade and new ones appear in the future. You can also be going through a different experience with your friends or family. Explain to them how you feel and monitor yourself. Acknowledge this sense of seclusion and flow with it.

17. Yearning to be home – You are now connected to the One and you don’t want to be here anymore, you would rather return home. This is part of a deep awakening and now that you have found out the truth you want to run to a better place.

When you feel like this you know the truth, but are still entrapped in the illusion. When we fully connect to the One and truly want to break out of the illusion. We are not to go home to the Oneness; it is to bring Oneness home to here!

18. Psychic and intuition abilities open up – Even though most people want this experience, it can be quite scary. You might feel other people’s emotions and their pain around you, even seeing into the different dimensions that you don’t understand.

The down side to this is that new information is coming in, which you might find hard to process and can for example create cravings for food like a pregnant woman and then picking up weight in the process, whilst not understanding what’s happening.

If this happens, I suggest not wearing the pendant all the time and taking it slowly. If you want to go through this process, observe the situations and feelings without getting pulled into others situations or getting emotionally attached to it. Do not get involved with other people’s baggage or problems, as it is their issue and they need to work with it. Not you! And of course purge, purge and purge some more.

19. Electrical and water equipment going haywire – This is a typical occurrence as our energy is to merge or pass one another, you are going to get a discharge.

“Maybe lighting rings a bell”. outer creations. This will soon settle down. The worst thing is to get attached emotionally to this problem, as this can make it worse. If you are not qualified to fix the problem get a professional in to sort it out and get on with life.

20. Old debts creeping up – If you have been ignoring old debts, such as credit cards, speeding fines, taxes, etc. these will be brought forward for you to clear up. The positive side to this is that when you take responsibility for these old debts, the money will come in from many angles to help you pay them off. Do not panic, as this is a very positive part of the process.

Trust me, you’ve made the debt and you have the responsibility to have to pay it back sometime. By ignoring it “is the biggest creator of lack of wealth there is,” you might think that it is not harming your money, but it is cutting off the flow. If you cannot pay all the debt off, phone your creditors and see if you can make an arrangement. Stop spending money on things you do not really need and use it to pay off old debt. The changes in your finances will be remarkable. Debt is a reflection of lack of self, so purge it.


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