The Most Powerful Spiritual Awakening & Manifesting Tool in The World.


 The Oneness Pendant Raises Your Vibration & Reconnects You To Your Original Source Of Creative Power – Oneness.

Oneness Pendants

The Oneness Pendant Geometrical Shape, is The Sacred Geometry of all Creation.

Soul's Sacred Geometery

The geometrical picture on the left is a 64 tetrahedron, a vector equilibrium matrix.  It is, as described by Nassim Haramein, the sacred geometry of the fundamental structure of the universe, whereby its construction is a collective combination of eight star tetrahedrons, eight star tetrahedron matrixes which are commonly known as ‘Star of Davids’.

If you look closely at the picture on the left, you will see that it looks like a Star of David, within a Star of David, within a Star of David, and if you went inward or outward within the matrix, you would find an infinite number of Star of Davids in both directions.

Moreover, it is the fundamental structure of the soul, which is also known as the light body, hence the generator and manifestor of all the soul’s life experiences.

How can the Oneness Pendant Raise The Vibration of Your Soul?

light body

Soul’s Light Body

The rising of your soul’s vibration is accomplished by us connecting to Oneness whilst in a deep meditation and directing a Oneness energy to the Oneness pendant with the aid of  a Oneness Being.

Due to the Oneness pendant being worn in the heart area, the directed Oneness energy enters the pendant and into the soul of the wearer that is located in the heart area of the wearer at a different frequency level than our physical reality .

As the Oneness energy passes through the pendant and into the soul, the Oneness pendant constructs the Oneness energy in a certain way that synchronizes with the soul’s geometrical pattern. This raises the vibration of the soul and the person wearing the pendant, thus re-connecting the soul and the person back to its original source of creative energy, i.e.  “Oneness”

This is the process known as awakening, as the soul is awakening back to its original state of being ‘Oneness’.

How does the Oneness energy find the specific wearer of the pendant?

Every person has a specific digital signature, in the same way that every person who receives data via email has a specific email address. For a person to receive an email they need an electronic device that can receive and decode the energy waves of data into information. The pendant is the receiver and the constructor of the Oneness energy waves, whereas the digital signature of the person is the email address that specifies the location to receive the Oneness energy. If the pendant is removed the person stops receiving the Oneness energy.

Transpersonal numerology
The digital signature of the person wearing the pendant is obtained by decoding the person’s name and date of birth, using a process called transpersonal numerology. (See picture on left)


How can this help me manifest what I want in my life?

I am sure that you have heard of the law of attraction, well attraction is not really a true statement.

It is the law of resonance, whatever you vibrate at, at a soul level, will be reflected back to you to as life experiences.

To understand this concept in full, you must first understand that there are two aspects of you. There is the persona you that has a personality construct containing a subconscious mind of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and there is the original you, the soul that has energy waves of information embedded within it. The soul you, exists in an unseen vibratory dimension just outside the frequency range of the space-time dimension that you call your world.

heart magnetic field
If you look at the picture on the left you will see two matrix bubbles surrounding a human being. The inner bubble represents the soul in the unseen world, and the human being and outer bubble the persona and its outer world.

Here is the most important thing you have to understand if you wish to manifest all that you desire in your life and live a life of health, wealth and happiness.

It is the vibration of the soul that determines what the soul and the person’s life experiences are going to be and it is the information embedded within the soul that determines its vibration.

Therefore, when we change the information (the vibration) within the soul to a more positive vibration, the person and its life experiences will reflect that more positive vibration.

This occurs, because the outer bubble is a projection, a mirror, a manifestation of the inner soul’s vibration.

Before we move on I want to let you in on a secret!!!

There are two types of manifestation systems. There is the limited and restricted manifestation system, whereby the personality construct of the persona is in control of the soul, and determines the soul vibration by its programmed conscious and subconscious mind of beliefs, emotions and behaviors that has been installed over years and years of life experiences.

This manifestation system is low in vibration and creates low vibratory life experiences of either broken relationships, failed businesses, failed careers, bad health, lack of finances, constant struggle in attaining dreams and goals, fear of failure, loss and rejection, thus resulting in feelings of frustration, anxiety, pain, stress and unhappiness, etc.

In this system, a person repeats the same negative patterns over and over again, like a hamster on a wheel going round and round without any knowledge of how to get off the wheel and live different life experiences.

Then there is the unlimited and abundant manifestation system, whereby the higher mind is in control of the soul’s vibration and determines the persona, its personality construct and its life experiences.

This manifestation system is high in vibration and creates high vibratory life experiences of loving and caring relationships, successful businesses and careers, good health, abundant finances, self-worth, success  and the attainment of dreams and goals easily, thus resulting in feelings of happiness, peace, passion, excitement, appreciation and love, etc.

In this manifestation system, a person lives a life of health, wealth and abundance, whereby it lives its passion and excitement daily, as it  eagerly awaits the next new adventure that the higher mind will take it on.

What manifestation system do you want to operate on?

The answer to that question is a no-brainer for sure, unless you are a masochist.

To operate on the high vibratory manifestation system, you must raise the vibration of the soul to the same vibratory level of the higher mind, thus reconnecting the higher mind back to the soul.  The higher mind will then take back control of the soul and rewrite the soul’s blueprint to a higher vibratory blueprint that will be manifested in the outer space-time bubble as high vibratory life experiences such as health, wealth and happiness.

And this is exactly what the Oneness pendant can do for you.

Wow!! All I need to do is wear the pendant to change my vibration and I will live a life of health, wealth and happiness?

You might say; “It can’t be that simple!”

Yes, you are right – it’s not that simple.

Even though most information in the soul’s blueprint can be changed to a more positive, high vibratory state, by raising the soul’s vibration. There is still some low vibratory negative information within the soul that the soul has agreed to experience when it first created itself in a physical reality.

The negative information are challenges that the soul has agreed to overcome, so it may have a deeper understanding of itself and its potential as a creator of Oneness, ‘all that is’.

 “The awakening to Oneness process” is unique for every soul, and the experience the soul has, depends on the amount of negative information it has collected within its soul over its many life experiences.

The more dense and rigid the negative information, the more work is required to change it.

But do not worry, we are going to give you an eBook called “The Secret of Manifestation” together with the Oneness pendant that has all the information and processes that you will ever need to change the information within the soul.

Therefore, by using the combination of the Oneness pendant and eBook information, you will attain the high vibratory manifestation system and live a life of health, wealth and happiness.

The Secret of Manifestation eBook contains information on:

The Secret of Manifestation

Check BoxThe Systems & Mechanisms of Manifestation.

Check BoxThe 12 keys of manifestation that will change your life forever.

Check BoxMind blowing information on the nature of reality.

Check BoxKnow the truth of who you really are.

Check BoxLearn more about the two aspects of you and which role it should play in the manifestation system.

Check BoxDiscover who and what is really creating your reality.

Check BoxUnderstand the virtual reality game known as “The Human Experience” and play it to your own rules.

Check BoxLearn two very powerful processes to transform your feeling frequencies within the soul that is playing a huge role in creating your life experiences.

Check BoxA 60 second process to enter an altered state of awareness instantly, which is very beneficial for meditation and visualization.

Check BoxProcesses to find and release your hidden informational frequencies that are buried deep within your soul that is creating your reality on auto pilot.

Check BoxDiscover what your passion and excitement is, and how to live it.

Check Box An extremely powerful process to manifest your desired manifestations.

Check BoxRelaxation and self-hypnosis process.

Check BoxThe top 20 things a person might go through when awakening to Oneness.

Check BoxKnow the truth about beliefs, and how you can remove hundreds, if not thousands of beliefs at one time.

Check BoxThe power of money and how you can increase your finances.

Check Box Discover “The Star Gate Portal” and learn how to open it to obtain access to infinite abundance.

Check Box  The Star Gate Graph, an easy to understand graph that explains how you manifest your life experiences.

Check Box  The Five laws of Oneness ‘all that is”

I don’t care what you have heard, there is no quick and easy solution to awaken back to Oneness and create all that you desire.

If you have been promised this by someone, then they are lying to you.

You have to face your fears and self-imposed challenges, and accept that these are your creations, then let them go from your life forever.

You are here to have an experience of everything you are not. I.e. feeling separated, limited, powerless, created and emotionally attached to everything in your reality; then awaken and return to everything you really are – a Powerful, Limitless, Oneness, Infinite abundant and a self-aware creator of your reality.

This is the challenge of the “Human Experience Game” you are in.

Even though I say there is no there is no quick and easy solution to awaken back to Oneness and create all that you desire. There is a successful and accelerated solution to create all that you desire and the combination of the Oneness Pendant and “The Secret of Manifestation eBook is it.

I did  a survey with 300 people and asked them, if they could manifest anything they wanted, what would it be?

Here are the Top Ten things that the people wanted to manifest in their life, and I am sure you want the same as everyone else.

1. Financial Freedom.

2. Material items.

3. Happy and fulfilled relationships.

4. A happy and successful work environment.

5. Good health.

6. Peace, happiness and joy.

7. Spiritual growth.

8. Success for their family.

9. Good health for their family.

10 The world to be a better place.

My promise to you is: If you wear the oneness pendant and do the simple processes in ‘The Secret of Manifestation Book”, you will see positive results, and within a short period of time you will start to create life experiences of health, wealth, happiness and abundance.

Here are some of the results you will witness in your life.

Check BoxCreate a new self-image of self-worth.

Check BoxRegain vibrant health – have more energy, more vitality and less pain.

Check BoxDevelop talent and skill – feel efficient and fulfilled in the many areas of your life.

Check BoxFulfil your dreams – create the freedom to achieve and do what you want.

Check BoxBe blissful – have peace of mind and joyfulness.

Check BoxExperience a sense of peace and self-awareness.

Check BoxOrganize your time – creating quality time in your life.

Check BoxReclaim control over your life – be the creator of your own life.

Check BoxSelf-realization of your true power to create what is possible for you.

Check BoxCelebrate your relationships and life more with joy.

Check BoxHave relaxation, freedom and pastime – avoid overwork and a frantic lifestyle.

Check BoxFeel great about yourself – getting to know who you really are.

Check BoxIncrease energy levels and passion for life.

Check BoxExpand your full potential – grow in wisdom and capability.

Check BoxLive your life with passion and excitement.

The Secret of Manifestation CDAs a bonus, we will give you a FREE CD containing the seven guided process audio’s, to help you practice the processes in ‘The Secret of Manifestation Book”. And to get you started right away on your awakening process, you will receive a link to download the eBook and seven audio’s. 

And just to make sure you get value for your money, here are some FREE extra bonuses you will receive that is worth $180.00.

Check BoxA meditation blindfold blindfold

Check BoxTwo brain entrainment audio’s that will take you quickly into theta and delta brain states.

Check BoxRelaxation meditation audio to take you into a very relaxed and altered state of being that can be used in conjunction with all the other audio processes to give you a much more profound experience.

Check BoxA very powerful process to help you train yourself to keep focus and eliminate mind chatter and mind wandering while visualising.

Check Box A very powerful process to help train you to enhance your feeling to the highest possible level when meditating and visualizing which is a very important aspect when manifesting through visualization.

Check BoxThe Oneness Pendant meditation that is undoubtedly the most powerful meditation I have ever used to raise my vibration of my soul and accelerate the opening of the Star Gate portal to infinite abundance.

If you serious about raising your soul’s vibration and living a life of health, wealth and happiness. Click the buy now button and change your life forever. 


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